Affordable Indoor Assistant Robots

Using every possible technological innovation from the last few years, Evodyne Robotics has built a low-cost autonomous indoor robot platform that integrates navigation, object manipulation and intuitive human interaction in an unstructured environment.


Starting with those who really need help, Evodyne's mission is to bring personal assistive robots into the mainstream.

We believe in one simple mantra. The future has robots written all over it, and that future is nearly upon us. But while some are intent on destroying jobs to gain market share, we believe the better path is to create robots that enhance or re-enable lost individual productivity, creating a new human experience, and ultimately new industries, new jobs.


Our team brings together roboticists and engineers in advanced computer vision, consumer robot design, agricultural robots, autonomous wheelchairs, CNC machines

Raghav Gupta

Founder & CEO

Amy Ren

Co-Founder & Industrial Designer

Austin Kerby

Mechanical Engineer

Rajath Swaroop

Computer Vision Engineer

Rachel Spykerman

Robotics Engineer

Brian Lim

Robotics Engineer

Brandon Tarter

Mechanical Engineer



Opportunities at the Mountain View Office

Mechatronics/Controls Engineer
Product Manager
Administrative Assistant

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